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Category: Health

Health and wellness tips for highly sensitive people

When Should You “Push Through” And When Should You “Pull Back?”

January 14, 2019

We are often encouraged by high-performing motivational speakers to want success as badly as we want to breathe. If we are willing to sacrifice even our sleep only THEN will we be as successful as we claim to want to be. But then...maybe not. Arriana Huffington, for example, claims she did just that only to discover the importance of rest (and sleep in particular). 

This is a hard equation to solve even for non-HSP's. But add in a sensitive nervous system and a sprinkling of introversion and you've REALLY got a complicated puzzle. 

So how can we highly sensitive people hope to grow beyond our perceived barriers WITHOUT driving ourselves into the ground (literally). In this episode, I share some of the wisdom others have compiled and even talk a bit about strategies you might put in place to grow your capacity...and keep your sanity in the process.