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Health and wellness tips for highly sensitive people

The Challenges of Being a Highly Sensitive Man

July 19, 2020

Did you know that the trait "sensory processing sensitivity" is found in both women AND men? Not just that...it's found in equal numbers. Sensitivity is not linked with our sex. I talk a lot about the challenge of being a highly sensitive person, but I thought it might be useful to highlight this fact (that it's not correlated with either sex). I thought it especially important given the climate we all live in right now...where it is easy to assume that men have all the power. It turns out, men are struggling, too. Just in different ways.

In this podcast, I will first talk about the challenges men face in general. I talk about the fact that they are imprisoned in higher numbers, and they account for a greater number of suicides. Then I go into the specific challenge that highly sensitive men face in a world that seems to celebrate rough and tumble boxed-in versions of masculinity.