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Health and wellness tips for highly sensitive people

How to Network as an HSP

November 18, 2019

Okay...you're an HSP. You're an introvert. Or maybe you're both. You've decided that you've got the stamina (emotional...intellectual...physical) to be an entrepreneur. Or to go after your big D "Dream" job. You've amassed all the education you need. Now if you could just find a way to get the word out...

Or maybe you've simply decided that your life is lovely and mellow enough that you'd really like to invite some new people into it. Maybe you want a new partner. Or you just want to create a more robust tribe.

My friend...you will have to network. To meet your people you will, in fact, have to meet them. 

But how can an HSP do that successfully (without being miserable)? Come and find out.